Inlet Chartbook Cover
  Inlet ChartBook: Southeastern United States, by Steve Dodge, assisted by Jeff and Jon Dodge.  This Unique new piloting guide provides detailed charts and color aerial photographs of inlets from Chesapeake Bay to Miami ... to help mariners transit unfamiliar inlets. This is the second revision, expanding upon our 2002 edition.

Regular updates on changing inlets to be posted here on the website
Charts for inlets not charted by NOAA are based on our own hydrographic research (dated with day, month and year of on-site research).

Charts for commercial inlets are modified portions of NOAA charts.
Area locator maps for each inlet identify nearby anchorages and/or marinas.



"The clearly drawn charts in this book will be a great help to anyone who is the least bit nervous about entering strange territory. Better still, the charts are backed up by excellent aerial photographs which in many cases illustrate the shoaling as clearly as the charts... [This book will be] welcomed by seasoned voyagers and relative newcomers alike. When you're caught in a tight situation at sea you can't have too much navigational information. Now that its here, this book suddenly fills a gap of which many cruisers might not even have been aware." Southern Boating review of the first edition, August 1998
8 1/2" x 11" 72  pp. ISBN 0- 932265-67-7 $19.95

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